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New Jersey
Carrier Clinic Celebrates 100 Years of Hope, Help and Healing
Story Number is : 052910100
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By Dicely/First Looks
By Dave Holey, enXco
By Provided
By Provided
Dear Community Partner,

In preparation for our 100th anniversary, we have had the extraordinary opportunity to rediscover some of Carrier Clinic’s rich history, and look back on
what has been an exciting 100 years.

Our mission statement from 1910 was to provide humane, personal treatment of nervous and mental diseases in a restorative farm setting – and although we
no longer operate a traditional working farm, our mission to provide the best care and treatment in a safe, compassionate and respectful environment remains the same.

We’ve grown from a self-contained community for mental health to now being the primary resource for New Jersey’s mental health and addiction needs.

Today, we serve over 5000 people a year within our hospital, addiction center and adolescent residential facilities.

We continue to update our therapeutic modalities and adopt “best practices” to provide our patients with life-changing treatments. Carrier Clinic was a pioneer in the development of ECT treatment for the mentally ill, and remains in the forefront as a model program.

In addition, we are exceptionally proud of our adolescent continuum, comprised of inpatient treatment, residential services and a special education school
on-site, created in response to the growing needs of adolescent services in the community. Having all of these services on one campus ensures the best care
for the adolescent, as treatment teams from across all disciplines can collaborate effectively.

The most important facet of our success, though, is our connection to the community at large. Carrier’s continued presence has led to the employment of over 675 people every year for the last 40 years. We offer continuing education programs and professional conferences that have had a sizable impact on the quality of psychiatric treatment in the area. Free community programs on mental health, wellness and addiction topics are also presented throughout the year at surrounding libraries, schools and professional organizations through our Speaker’s Bureau.

Being a good community partner is essential for our continued success. Thinking of our future sustainability, we installed a 14 acre solar farm on our campus last December. Not only will we be using a clean energy source, but we’ll be able to reduce our electrical expenses, which enables us to use those savings towards direct patient care.

We are also partnering with the state to meet the ever-expanding needs for mental health and addiction services in the community. Our innovative treatment methodologies and expertise in mental health and addiction treatment make us a good community partner for those in New Jersey who need our care.

As we look forward to the next 100 years, we will increase our focus on promoting wellness and recovery, as well as work tirelessly to decrease the stigma of
mental health and addictive illness.

Our mission will stay with us: to provide the best care and treatment to those persons who come to us struggling with emotional and behavioral distress and addictive and psychiatric disorders.

As one of New Jersey’s largest, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organizations, we remain dedicated to healing, supporting and teaching adolescents, adults, and their families in a safe, compassionate and respectful environment. Within our continuum of care, hope is restored and recovery begins. Thank you for being an important part of our heritage. located in Belle Mead, NJ.

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