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New Jersey
Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center
Story Number is : 061214101
Hospital Newspaper

During his busy shifts at the Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center Emergency Room (ER), Arthur Kharonov, RN, BSN, Director of ER, is stopped often by patients leaving the facility. They want some quick face time to thank Kharonov, and the rest of the talented Meadowlands ER staff, for the quality treatment and attentive care they received. More importantly, patients appreciate that their care came in a timely, precise manner.
The waiting room at many hospital ERs can often be crowded and backed up, leaving patients, including many who may need prompt care, waiting for hours. That certainly isn’t the case at the Meadowlands ER, where the commitment to the prompt evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of each and every patient is a priority.
Eight months ago, Meadowlands initiated a program that ensures that every patient is seen by a nurse within five minutes of arrival and an ER physician within 15 minutes. Translation: Instead of waiting for hours, patients are evaluated quickly, moving on to the next stage of treatment or discharge in a fraction of the time of other hospital ERs.
“It’s very satisfying to get that kind of feedback because then we know our team did its job,” said Kharonov. “We want to retain patients and make them part of our family. To date, the program has been a success and word is spreading, and we are getting a lot of referrals through word of mouth. It has been amazing. A patient comes in and they tell someone else of their positive experience.”
The ER can be hectic, with a potential emergency crisis at any moment. However, the transition at Meadowlands has gone smoothly, with the hospital proudly living up to the five/15-minute guarantee.
Meadowlands Hospital provides 24-hour, comprehensive emergency care services at the hospital campus on Meadowlands Parkway in Secaucus. The ER is staffed by board-certified emergency physicians and emergency-certified and paramedic nurses. These clinical professionals, along with support staff, utilize state-of-the-art equipment to treat a variety of patient needs. Meanwhile, a fleet of modern ambulances with EMTs supplements the Meadowlands ER. They respond to calls throughout Secaucus and surrounding communities in an average time of four minutes.
“The Emergency Room is the gateway for many patients to any hospital, and the ER can be unsettling when you are ill or injured. At Meadowlands, we want patients to feel the compassion and comfort of our staff at the onset, and to understand that the quality care goes beyond the walls of the ER,” says President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas Considine, a former New Jersey Commissioner of Banking and Insurance under Governor Christie. “We regard our patients and our community as family, and we want to be their acute care facility of choice. Through initiatives like the five/15 guarantee in our ER, we continue to build on our achievement and success in providing a quality patient experience.”
As part of its commitment to a more efficient ER experience for patients, Meadowlands ensures priority access for emergency patients to the hospital’s advanced diagnostic imaging technology for prompt evaluation and diagnosis. When patients come to an ER with significant illness or injury, delays in care can result in a further deterioration in their condition that can have irreversible results that may affect recovery, or worse.
“In most hospitals in New Jersey, the ER wait can drag on for hours. When you think of their workflow, there are significant bottlenecks and logjams, often leading to complaints,” said Felicia Karsos, Chief Nursing Officer at Meadowlands. “At Meadowlands, because of the advanced triage process we have set up, and our guarantee that patients are examined and diagnosed quickly, our patient satisfaction ratings have been phenomenal.” Meadowlands recently received its second consecutive “A” rating from The Leapfrog Group, after improving from a “C” to an “A” rating within a calendar year during 2013.
As a result of the hospital’s improvements and upgrades in facilities and information technology in recent years, Meadowlands is able to provide patients and their families with up-to-date, real-time medical updates and information. Meadowlands’ ER is fully digital and paperless. With a technologically-advanced electronic medical records system, the ER team ensures patients receive appropriate tests, adding a level of efficiency in diagnosis and treatment.
Meadowlands Hospital Medical Center has set the bar high, and is living up to that promise. “We are always here for our patients, and responding to their needs quickly is important to them and to us,” Kharonov said. “When a patient leaves, I give them my card with my cell phone number on it. We encourage them to call anytime, 24 hours a day. Even after discharge, if they need us, we are there to help.”

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