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New York
Daylight Savings Time Highlights the Importance of Sleep
Story Number is : 030817102
Orange Regional Medical Center

The Center for Sleep Medicine at Orange Regional Medical Center recognizes the importance of public education and awareness when it comes to the time change and proper sleep. Clocks spring forward one hour on March 12 eliminating 60 minutes of rest for the average person.

“Sleep disorders are numerous and common, with more than 1 in 3 Americans suffering from some form of sleep associated disorders. Moreover, these disorders can result in debilitating physical and psychological consequences,” says Dr. Samer El Zarif, of Orange Regional Medical Group, who is Board-certified in Sleep Medicine. "Sleep disorders, are often associated with multiple medical conditions, including diabetes, hypertension and multiple cardiac diseases. Therefore diagnosing and treating underlying sleep disorder early on, can lead to better health with improved quality of life.”

The National Sleep Foundation offers the following tips to get a good night’s sleep: establish a regular bed and wake time; avoid nicotine and caffeine close to bedtime; set up a consistent relaxing “wind-down” bedtime routine and create a sleep-conducive environment that is dark, quiet and comfortable.

The Center for Sleep Medicine at Orange Regional Medical Center

Orange Regional’s Center for Sleep Medicine, located at 75 Crystal Run Road in the Town of Wallkill, offers a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic sleep studies. Our Sleep Center offers its services to adults as well as children ages 2 and up.

A sleep study is a painless, non-invasive test that allows specially-trained technicians to monitor a patient’s breathing, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, eye movement, muscle tone and other factors. Sleep studies take place in our state-of-the-art facility and offer the latest diagnostic technology in a quiet and peaceful environment.

Dr. Alan Schaffer is Medical Director of The Center for Sleep Medicine. Dr. Schaffer has over 20 years of experience in Sleep Medicine. In addition to his expertise, the Center is staffed by Board-certified physicians and specially-trained technicians.

Dr. Ofer Jacobowitz, is Associate Medical Director of the Center for Sleep Medicine and Associate Editor for the second edition of "Sleep Apnea and Snoring” Elsevier textbook.

If you think you may have a sleep disorder, see your physician who can order a sleep study or call the Center for Sleep Medicine at 845-333-7378. The sleep study, called a polysomnogram, will help diagnose the severity and type of sleep apnea or other disorder.

For more information about sleep services at Orange Regional Medical Center or to find out if you are at risk for a sleep disorder, visit

Orange Regional Medical Center is a member of the Greater Hudson Valley Health System.

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