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New Jersey
Trinitas sets the bar for food and nutrition among health care providers
Story Number is : 082917108
Trinitas Regional Medical Center

From Left to Right: Liz Mudge (Regional Director, American Heart Association-NJ), Joe McTernan, DHSc, FACHE (Sr. Director of Community and Clinical Services), Romel Madduma (Executive Chef), Mary Alice Mahedy (Retail Manager), Junon Desrouleaux (Patient Service Manager), Michelle S. Ali, MPA, RDN (Director Food & Nutrition Services), Nancy DiLiegro, PhD, FACHE (Chief Clinical Officer/Vice President of Clinical Operations and Physician Services), Marie Usigan (Administrative Assistant) and Peter Carey (Senior Director, Corporate Health and Mission Engagement, American Heart Association-NJ).
The American Heart Association (AHA) recently honored Trinitas Regional Medical Center for its impact in increasing standards in food and nutrition among health care systems in New Jersey. Trinitas was the first hospital in the state to use AHA’s new Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit, which was designed to help organizations improve their food environment and promote a culture of health. The toolkit provides practical action steps and suggestions that are easy to understand and apply.

“The use of this toolkit was essential to our mission as a health care provider,” states Nancy DiLiegro, PhD, FACHE, Chief Clinical Officer/Vice President of Clinical Operations and Physician Services. “We pride ourselves on providing quality, nutritious options to our patients and guests. We want to be the example of healthy living from the food we eat to the lifestyles we lead.” DiLiegro is a dedicated board member for the Northern NJ Chapter of the American Heart Association and a board member for the American Heart Association Founders Affiliate for eight states.
Combined with the internal expertise and resources of the Food & Nutrition Department, Trinitas was able to achieve a positive impact from healthier vending machine options, catered specials events, and even free nutrition seminars for the community. The American Heart Association thanked and acknowledged Trinitas for its leadership and commitment to building a healthier environment for employees, patients, visitors and the community.

“We have a great team within the Food & Nutrition Department,” exclaims Michelle S. Ali, MPA, RDN, Director Food & Nutrition Services at Trinitas. “Each person shares a passion for food and clean eating. Our team even hosts free events to show the community first-hand how to meal prep and make healthy choices.”
Trinitas hosts a variety of free community health seminars monthly. Topics vary, but each event is backed by a Trinitas expert and includes valuable resources to take back home.

“It is important to strengthen the chain of survival in our community,” says Gary S. Horan, FACHE, President & CEO. “This toolkit brings the chain full circle by incorporating healthy dietary guidelines for the hospital to implement and share with the community.”

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